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Sep 15, 2022

Periscope: Named in The Top Procurement Software by Research.com

According to Research.com, in 2020, government spending on contracts reached $682 billion dollars in the United States only.   Government organizations from different parts of the world spend around 17% of their GDP, which is approximately $100 trillion, on the purchase of supplies, work, and services (Bid Detail, 2022).

Therefore, all government procurement departments need to rely on sourcing and the best software to manage all their needs.

mdf commerce is thrilled to announce that it was listed as one of this year top government procurement software by Research.com. With its many solutions available in the US and Canada, mdf commerce is once again recognised as a North American leader in eprocurement solutions.

Periscope: Designed for Public Procurement Organizations


Periscope is a public sector procurement solution designed to help government agencies streamline procurement processes and ensure that they are following the best procurement practices. It provides organizations with a one-stop public sector marketplace where government agencies can shop for open market catalogs and publicly sourced contracts. On top of simplifying the procurement experience, Periscope also allows government buyers to compare product specs, prices, and services.

Key Features

  • Government cooperative contracts
  • Open market catalogs
  • Compliance tools
  • Purchase management
  • Public sector shops

We are also glad to announce that the solution Vendor Registry has also been listed in the top 20 list as Top Rated Vendor Management Platform:

Vendor Registry

Vendor Registry is a procurement solution for vendors and local purchasers. It has a wide range of vendor management tools that helps government organizations to streamline procurement processes, improve efficiency, and reduce errors.

The platform is also built with a self-service portal that allows vendors to register themselves to do business with local purchasers and government agencies. With its contract management features, Vendor Registry helps organizations store and manage contracts, vendor documents, and renewals from a single, centralized location.

Key Features

  • Vendor management
  • Contract management
  • Vendor registry
  • Bid evaluation
  • Electronic bidding
  • Solicitation management
  • Bid management

Source: https://research.com/software/best-government-procurement-software