Nov 24, 2022

Pain points retailers need to address in their online shopping experience

Consumer expectations of online shopping are rising rapidly driven by advances in technology, evolving e-commerce experiences, and growing expectations around speed, convenience, and delivery. Multiple delivery options, personalization, and seamless customer support are now just some of their must-haves – and the list keeps growing. It is essential for retailers to meet these expectations to remain competitive in the current market landscape. This recent article in Retail customer experience, authored by Frank Kouretas, Chief Product Office and Jean Walter Guillery, Director product at Orckestra, powered by mdf commerce discusses the biggest consumer pain points within the online shopping experience and how retailers can ease them.

For this, retailers need to think like their customers. This will enable them to innovate and curate the best possible experience for their customers. From products being out of stock to lack of product information, the article lists eight pain points that the retail landscape can aim to address.

If you are looking to cultivate long term customer loyalty, establishing what customer pain points exist in your commerce ecosystem and how to fix them should be your first step. However, it is important to understand that this isn’t a one-time fix but a continuous endeavor that leads to more happy customers and fewer abandoned carts.

Orckestra, powered by mdf commerce, has been a trusted partner for retailers, helping them address many of these pain points. Orckestra’s ecommerce solutions enable retailers with a flexible and scalable technology that seamlessly matches demand peaks and grows along with the business.

Whether it is ship from store, store pickup, or store transfers, Orckestra’s  Omnichannel Order Management System can model all of the specific capabilities by store, warehouse, dropship vender, etc. to allow you to route and fulfill optimally.

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