CLM Contracts

Jun 23, 2022

mdf commerce eProcurement division signs 17 new CLM contracts since Fall 2021

mdf commerce, a leader in eProcurement Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms, is happy to welcome 17 new Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) clients since autumn 2021.  The CLM product is offered by the Periscope brand in the US and the Merx brand in Canada.

These customers selected the contract lifecycle management services offered by mdf commerce because the solution can easily be tailored to fit the needs of any size of government agency and is easily implemented as a stand-alone solution or as a module within an existing procurement solution. With multiple editions available, each of which includes a range of functionality to handle all CLM needs.

In 2021, mdf commerce acquired Periscope and worked to integrate CLM services with the product offer. Now, the PeriscopeCLM solution is available for businesses of any size, operating in the public or private sector. 

About PeriscopeCLM

PeriscopeCLM is a powerful, modular, easy-to-use CLM solution that provides all the tools businesses need to create, track and manage every step of the contracting process.

Before being acquired by mdf commerce, Periscope Holdings offered CLM services via a third-party vendor. Now, in tandem with mdf commerce Periscope can offer CLM services directly to clients on a 1:1 basis, ensuring greater integration, interoperability and service.

Available in Lite, Team, and Pro editions, PeriscopeCLM delivers the following functionality:

Add executed contractsXXX
Manage multiple contract typesXXX
Search all contract fields and attachmentsXXX
Automate notifications and alertsXXX
Audit complete contract historyXXX
Store unlimited documentsXXX
Access dashboards and reportsXXX
Manage document templates XX
Redline contracts XX
Enforce approval workflow XX
Add barcodes XX
Access extensive performance metrics XX
Unlimited users XX
Tailored to your exact business needs  X
Dynamic templates for document auto-generation  X
Access clause libraries  X
Configure advanced workflows  X
Branded for your organization  X

And other optional features as well.

mdf commerce and PeriscopeCLM: the Future of Contract Lifecycle Management

Moving forward, PeriscopeCLM and other modular CLM solutions offered by brands under the mdf commerce eProcurement umbrella will continue to add new functionality. As new features are added, customers will enjoy increased value as they quickly and easily create, review, share, finalize and execute critical contracts, via the intuitive and user-friendly platforms mdf commerce is known for.

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