ARBUY and walmart together

Oct 18, 2022

mdf commerce collaborates with Walmart to deliver an integrated shopping solution to the State of Arkansas

State and local government buyers throughout Arkansas can easily purchase from directly within ARBuy, the State’s e-procurement system built on technology from Periscope, by mdf commerce.

Once an account is set up, buyers can search for goods and services offered on state contracts and now, also through  The integration with Walmart is seamless, allowing buyers to add items to their cart and check out – all within the ARBuy system.  The solution makes it more efficient for Arkansas buyers to shop state contracts and open market catalogs on, while also ensuring compliance by tracking spend for even greater transparency and visibility.

“Our team is excited to integrate the catalog of products into the ARBuy e-procurement system. We commend The Department of Transformation and Shared Services for continually embracing technology to transform procurement across the State of Arkansas.”, said Mark Eigenbauer, President of mdf commerce eprocurement while commenting on this new offering.

“We are extremely happy to work with mdf commerce, to enable the state and local buyers of Arkansas to save money and time. ARBuy’s purpose aligns with that of Walmart’s ‘Save Money, Live Better’. The unified e-procurement system strives to provide an easy way for state and local buyers to purchase best value goods and services, and it’s just another way for us to connect customers to our offerings on,” said Ashley Hubka, Senior Vice President, New Business Development, Walmart Inc.

Sharing thoughts on the announcement, Department of Transformation and Shared Services Secretary Mitch Rouse, said “We engaged our technology partner, Periscope by mdf commerce, to identify opportunities for increased efficiency in state purchasing. This project presents the opportunity to increase data availability in state procurement and generate savings for state and local buyers. We look forward to continuing to innovate state purchasing to provide greater efficiency, transparency, and visibility to the public.”

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