mdf commerce: Amalgamating Trade & Technology - Insightsuccess

Dec 21, 2022

mdf commerce: Amalgamating Trade & Technology – Insightsuccess

Technology and commerce are so intrinsically intertwined with each other that the advancement of one directly impacts the growth of the other. This symbiotic relationship is clearly visible today as emerging technologies are changing how businesses operate by the day. This is the core fundamental that mdf commerce thrives upon – advancing the flow of trade with the help of technology.

mdf commerce has been consolidating its position in the market of government procurement technology and continues to push leadership in the gov-tech space further. This vertical has reached a tipping point, with government agencies across North America accelerating the digitization of their operations, specifically their procurement processes. There is ample room to grow, and the company is well positioned to capitalize on this growing market.

In an interview with Insights Success, Mark Eigenbauer, president, e-procurement, mdf commerce shared facts about mdf commerce and how the company continues to advance its operations despite turbulent times in the procurement sector. He said, “Gov tech has now become a growth market, fueled by strong demand for digital transformation accelerated since the pandemic, further enabled by purpose-built-for-government modern SaaS solutions that are easy to procure and deploy. Considering all of these factors, it is safe to say that mdf is well positioned to capitalize on this growth opportunity presented by the market.” He further added that innovation is key especially in the tech sector. The company works with customer advisory boards to discuss and identify the highest-value innovations that can be brought to their products and ensure more value for the end user.

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