Let your B2B customers pay their bills online and get paid faster

Jun 20, 2022

Let your B2B customers pay their bills online and get paid faster!

The k-ecommerce integrated payment solution (KIP) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central makes it easy for you and your B2B customers to make payments online and view invoices, credit notes, past payments, and more! Spend less time managing customer accounts and avoid the costs associated with traditional billing. Give yourself peace of mind with k-ecommerce’s integrated payment solution and its complete omnichannel digital payment platform. Interview with Shawn Walls, VP of sales at k-ecommerce, powered by mdf commerce.

More satisfied B2B customers thanks to account automation

Like B2C customers, B2B customers prefer to be autonomous when it comes to paying their bills. In fact, 40% of them see this as a clear advantage.

k-ecommerce’s integrated payment solution for Microsoft D365 BC enables electronic invoice processing via a secure portal accessible 24 hours a day.

“Once connected, the customer is fully autonomous. They can pay one or several invoices online, in a simple, fast and secure way by credit card or by electronic or bank transfer. The portal allows them to consult all previous invoices and see past payments or credit notes associated with the account. In short, the entire process surrounding customer account management is automated, which is a plus for both the supplier and its customers,” says Shawn Walls, VP of sales at k-ecommerce.

An affordable solution for self-service bill payment and electronic transaction processing

In addition to allowing your customers to pay their bills online, and your staff to process transactions easily, this payment solution is fully integrated with your ERP (enterprise resource planning).

Receiving electronic payments quickly and securely in a PCI Level 1 certified environment generates more liquidity for your business, and our competitive merchant rate provides a better profit margin.

“Your customers benefit from a self-service solution; your staff is less busy managing customer accounts. There is less manual data entry, and most importantly, no more paper billing, which means less room for error and savings in time and money. It’s a win-win situation,” says Walls.

Main functionalitiesBenefits for your company and your customers!
ERP integrated solutionEnjoy simplified bank reconciliation. Real-time communication between your payment solution and your ERP system guarantees the speed and accuracy of each transaction.
PCI complianceGet peace of mind. Our transactions are processed in our private PCI level 1 certified cloud environment that uses AVS/CV2 validation to ensure the security of your customer’s card data.
24/7 payment portalGive your customers the freedom to pay their bills online. Get paid faster without providing any assistance.
Versatile payment methodsBenefit from a solution that accepts major credit cards, automated clearing house (ACH)/electronic funds transfer (EFT), credit notes, and non-bill payments.
Competitive ratesTake advantage of a competitive “mixed” merchant rate, with no hidden fees or surcharges, and increase your profit margin.
Detailed reportsEasily access electronic transaction reports and keep all important data at your fingertips.

By offering your B2B customers an easy payment option and the ability to pay and view their invoices online from any device, you will increase customer satisfaction and get paid faster!

Do you want to automate your accounts receivable management and increase your profit margin? Contact our team to learn more about the k-ecommerce integrated payment solution (KIP) and get a demo!