k-ecommerce Becomes an Amazon Selling Partner

Jun 9, 2022

k-ecommerce becomes an Amazon Selling Partner-API (SP-API)

With the launch of its new API for selling partners called Selling Partner-API, Amazon stepped up its game by offering a next-generation version of Amazon Marketplace (MWS). Committed to providing its customers with cutting-edge technology and additional functionality, the k-ecommerce team has been working on the rollout of this new API for a complete and enhanced Amazon Marketplace integration.

Take advantage of the k-ecommerce platform’s performance, to sell on Amazon!

Connecting your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to Amazon Marketplace provides you with a unified ecommerce solution that streamlines your sales channels into one place.

You can maximize your overall operations, improve your order processing speed, and increase your sales through Amazon’s customer base.

“All important data is managed from one place: the ERP system. As a result, all changes made in the ERP system (adding products, changing prices and managing inventory) are automatically replicated on the customer’s transactional website and on Amazon, thanks to the seller API module. With this integration, the customer has only one system to manage, his ERP, which manages all the other channels – website, Amazon Marketplace (B2C) and Amazon Business (B2B),” explains Patrick Fusarini, technical sales consultant at k-ecommerce, powered by mdf commerce.

Centralized order management

Thanks to the k-ecommerce integration with Amazon Marketplace, all orders placed on Amazon are routed directly into the ERP system, where they can be processed faster.

“Rather than receiving email notifications, orders placed on Amazon are routed and processed directly into the ERP system. This solution saves customers time and helps them meet Amazon’s delivery deadlines,” Fusarini says.

The Amazon integration module also manages order delivery, whether they are shipped by the merchant (Fulfilled by Merchant or FBM program) or directly by Amazon (Fulfilled by Amazon or FBA program).

Leverage Amazon’s customer base to increase sales

The benefits of integrating your ERP with Amazon Marketplace are numerous:

  • In addition to the customers who visit your transactional website, you can leverage Amazon’s well-established customer base.
  • By shifting to unified commerce, you’ll gain greater visibility for your products and maximize your sales.
  • By consolidating your ordering channels in one place, you gain efficiency and save time and money.

Ultimately, the k-ecommerce solution facilitates both the integration of your ERP system with your transactional website and the integration with Amazon Marketplace platforms. You can thus access a new customer base and streamline your operations in one place.

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