Jul 8, 2022

k-ecommerce and SIR Solutions enter a partnership to serve small and medium-sized players in the grocery industry

A true digital transformation was triggered by the pandemic around the world, and the retail sector has been no exception. Major grocery banners have deployed ecommerce solutions to offer their customers the possibility to do their grocery shopping online and get their order delivered at home, a luxury not all smaller players have been able to afford. The partnership between k-ecommerce powered by mdf commerce and SIR Solutions aims to change that. 


A strategic partnership that helps independent grocers and other retail businesses go digital 

The partnership between k-ecommerce and SIR Solutions is significant for independent grocers and smaller players in the grocery industry, as well as convenience stores, pharmacies and other retailers, as it provides them with an affordable and fully integrated e-commerce solution. 

“Smaller grocers face the same pressures as larger chains when it comes to digital transformation. This is especially true since smaller grocers are often the only ones serving large, isolated rural areas. Online grocery shopping is not just a convenience, it’s a necessity,” says Gilles Beauchamp, president of SIR Solutions. 

With nearly 3,500 customers, SIR Solutions specializes in point-of-sale software (POS) and fully integrated innovations to help its customers effectively manage a wide range of products and high sales volume, primarily those in the food, drug, gas, grocery and retail industries. 

k-ecommerce: an accessible and efficient e-commerce solution 

Since independent grocers often have fewer human, financial and technological resources, the integrated k-ecommerce solution combined with the point-of-sale products offered by SIR Solutions are ideal. The implementation of the transactional site is less expensive, as is the maintenance of the database, inventory control and online transaction processing. 

“This partnership offers smaller businesses the opportunity to acquire an affordable e-commerce solution that takes into account existing infrastructure, such as ERP, while integrating with the point-of-sale (POS) system, all with the support of two teams of experts: mdf commerce and SIR Solutions,” said Shawn Walls, vice president of sales at k-ecommerce. 

With two teams serving the client, the site goes live faster, which optimizes operational costs while increasing online revenues. 

Do you want a high-performance e-commerce site that can be set up quickly? Contact us to learn more about the k-ecommerce solution implemented by SIR Solutions and offer your customers an easy and efficient shopping experience. We can help you increase your profit margin and reduce your losses through better inventory management.